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Thor Workout Page

Build a 3 or 4 day program around any combination of Thor Templates Below:

1) Thunder, Rumble….
Single Strike!
(Fat loss and lean muscle gains)

2) Thunder and Lightning
(All out fat loss)

Exercise Selection:

The primary part of this program is the first section called the “Thunder” round.

The Thunder round consists of an A1, A2 and A3 exercise. You will perform one set of each exercise and cycle through as many times as necessary to get your target number of repetitions (see the below for repetition examples).

Dumbbell exercises are best in a crowded gym as you can stay put in one area with a couple sets of dumbbells near by.

These exercises are to be done explosively. This means try to move the weight as fast as possible! The weight doesn’t actually have to move fast but you must attempt to do so.

For each day, you will select one of each:

  • An upper body pushing exercise (bench press, should press, dips)
  • A Pulling Exercise (pull ups, bent over barbell row, cable row)
  • A Leg Exercise (Squat, Deadlift, or Lunge variation)

Template #1 also has a “Rumble” round

The first round was explosive training…. and this round is the opposite. Very slow training (3 seconds to raise and 3 seconds to lower). You are going to feel some pain in this round due to lactic acid build up!

For this section, focus on isolation exercises such as calf raises, biceps curls, triceps extensions, lateral raises, etc.

Single Strike:

To learn more about this “finisher”, read my post here.


Repetitions and Sets:

The templates list the TOTAL number of reps to perform for each exercise. This doesn’t mean perform on the reps in a single set!

Example sequence for the “Thunder” round:

A1) Incline Dumbbell Press

warm up: 30′s x 6, 55′s x 4 (don’t over analyze this!)
Set 1: 75′s x 6
Set 2: 75′s x 6
Set 3: 75′s x 5
Set 4: 75′s x 5 (at this point I have 22 total reps)
Set 5: 75′s x 3 (I needed 3 more to get my 25 reps in)

A2) Alternating Dumbbell Lunges

warm up: 30′s x 5, ….
Working Sets: similar to A1 series…

A3) Weighted Chin Ups

warm up: body weight x 5
Working Sets: similar to A1 series…

Example Template Combination:

Full body routine on Monday/Wednesday/Friday:

Use #1 on Monday

Use #2 on Wednesday

Use #1 on Friday

Updates coming soon!