Deadlift Benefits:
The Hack Deadlift

I’m guessing you never heard of a hack deadlift… I thought I made it up then did a search and found it by this and other names! Some call this a hack squat but since the weight is being pulled from the floor, it’s a deadlift.

This Deadlift variation involves pulling the bar
from BEHIND you!

Since I have a weak lower back, I love this deadlift variation as it puts your upper body (and hence spine) in a more vertical position.

As a consequence, this will shift the loading from your glutes and hamstrings to more of a quad dominant exercise. None the less, you’ll still get a great full body workout with this one!

Hack Deadlift Exercise Tips:

  • Keep a natural arch in your lower back (no rounding!)
  • Keep the chest high
  • Keep your shoulder blades “tucked in your back pocket”
  • Look straight ahead
  • Drive your hips forward and squeeze your ass to complete the movement


For more discussion of general deadlift benefits, read this post. Women (and men!) can also refer to this post.