I have many friends that where never involved in strength training until the rise of CrossFit.

I appreciate that CrossFit has exposed them to the many faces of fitness in addition to many positive life changes. At the same time I have never felt the need to jump in since I’ve been having my own fun for the past 15 years. (Note: it is mildly annoying when friends that never touched a weight until a few years ago become self proclaimed experts… oh well, the sun will continue to rise and life will go on)

While I mean no disrespect to my fellow CrossFit friends, reading this article was disappointing.

An Open Letter To CrossFit HQ

The article basically discusses how incredible athletes where treated like circus meat for the sake of entertainment. It was written by one of the volunteer medical doctors on staff at the 2015 games. If I WHERE involved with CrossFit, I would be doing my part to make sure HQ represents the very people that define them. There is GPP and then there is just plane idiocy.

I personally feel like the games are going too far down that path for entertainment at the mercy of their athletes. No thanks.

As one of my favorite strength coaches, Charles Staley said “the goal should never be to seek fatigue and to feel destroyed. If you want that, just run out into traffic.”.

Does this mean CrossFit is an evil cult? Hell No! That is like saying that Chiropractors are a bunch of quacks because of a few bad apples.

There are MANY CrossFit gyms that have an incredible culture IN ADDITION to a properly trained staff that understands FMS (Functional Movement Screening).

People simply have no business doing overhead squats for time when they can’t even hold their hands straight overhead properly! I have a close friend that is an orthopedic surgeon. Another is a physical therapist. Guess what? A large percentage of the injuries they see are CrossFit related.

I hope my readers don’t interpret this is a criticism on their beloved CrossFit. Quite the contrary, I am raising awareness so that it continues mature into the incredible entity that it has the potential to become.

Trust me, I get it…. I was raised Catholic and understand how it feels when “not good” things happen within the organization. It shouldn’t be confused with the principles we stand for.