What I Ate Today:
Jamie’s Muscle Building Diet

Ok, so this is my first post of a series that I have planned on what I eat over the course of a day. I get a lot of questions and it changes regularly so writing about it is long overdue! Using some serious creativity, I decided to call this series “What I Ate On My Muscle Building Diet”. Worthy of a Pulitzer prize, wouldn’t you agree?!

Alright, getting my serious back on, it’s almost summer…. and that means my goal is maintaining and improving the lean muscular look. Big Surprise! Don’t know to many people that are trying to gain weight just before the beach weather!

I’ve been having a lot of “fun” following a
Macro-Nutrient Rotation Diet

I absolutely can’t stand nutrition plans that require you to be strict for weeks at a time. Unless you are single and have complete commitment, it’s doomed for failure. On top of that, I strongly believe you can get BETTER results by cheating!

On any given week, I rotate my days with any of the following combinations:

  • High Protein, Low Carb, Low Fat
  • High Protein, Moderate Carb, Moderate Fat
  • High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low Carb
  • Fasting ( done intermittently for no more than 1 day at a time)
  • Protein + Fruit until late afternoon and then a cheat blitz until around midnight (pizza, beer and ice cream!)


This type of plan is sometime referred to as carb cycling as well.

Food is a drug and these days are used to modulate hormonal responses!

Ok, so what did I eat today for my
Lean Muscle Building Diet?

Upon Rising:
6 BCAA Tablets
Rev Coffee

Meal #1
2 Eggland’s best whole eggs
3 egg whites
4 Liver Tablets

Meal #2
Protein Shake (Beverly International Casein, Whey and Egg blend)

Meal #3
1 can albacore tuna with organic mixed greens and baby carrots
Paul Newman’s Oil and Vinegar dressing
4 Liver Tablets (awesome supplement)

Meal #4
Protein Shake (Bev. International Ultimate Muscle Protein)

Meal #5
2 bowls grass fed beef chili topped with greek yogurt and tabasco sauce
1 Tbsp natural peanut butter
1/4 cup fresh blueberries


Today was a rest day (meaning no strength training or metabolic training). As you can see, carbs were kept quite low.

Contrast this with yesterday which involved 25-30 “heavy” reps of weighted chin ups and incline dumbbell presses followed by a slow tempo triple circuit of calf raises, hammer curls and shoulder presses.

Since my goal is moderate lean mass gains, I eat more carbs on my training days. Therefore, yesterday I consumed Ezekiel bread with natural peanut butter and greek yogurt with fresh berries for breakfast.

After my noon time workout I had a banana, protein shake and more Ezekiel bread. Before bed I had oatmeal as well. This is all in addition to lean meats, eggs and protein shakes throughout the day.

So there you have it! A sampling of one day of my macro nutrient rotation muscle building diet!