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How to Get Six Pack Abs

Dave with six pack abs

Yes, that is a picture of yours truly…
albeit more than a few years ago. I still have no problem finding my abs though!

Would you believe that I performed
NO cardio and NO direct ab exercises
to get that six pack 8 pack?!

I will tell you the simplest most effective way regarding how to get quick 6 pack abs. I am no miracle worker but the rewards are worth it!

 Most people don’t want to hear the simple facts… There is not magic pill. It takes hard work, dedication and the right nutrition and training plan!

Here’s a picture of my wife winning her first bodybuilding trophy. She accomplished this from a home gym in our basement training with weights for 45 minutes in the morning before work. She would wake up at 4:30 in the morning to do this. We have 3 young children now and she still weight trains first thing every morning.

My wife and I didn’t achieve these physique’s by “making small changes”. If you want drastic results, you need to do drastic things…. and guess what? 99% of the people I speak to are not willing to put in the effort.

We basically turned into machines for 12 weeks while we transformed our bodies and prepared for the
bodybuilding contest we had targeted.

The nutrition plan, in a nutshell, was as follows:

If it ran, swam or was green and leafy, we ate it! In addition, we would have a large meal of low glycemic starchy carbs right before bed twice a week. I was introduced to this nutrition plan when I discovered Beverly International supplements during a strength training seminar.

Don’t be the person always searching for the secret answer or the quick fix. Follow the principles below and work your ass off!


My Effective Rules
for How to Get Six Pack Abs


  • Screw moderation! Once you hit your goal, there will be a place for it!
  • Eat things that run or swim at every meal
  • Eat things that are green and leafy as often as possible
  • Pick up heavy things and put them down
  • Interval sprints and hill sprints
  • Full body exercises
  • Drink lots of water
  • Get your sleep!!


  • Expect to change your body overnight
  • Rely on fat burner and weight loss pills.
  • Long moderate intensity cardio sessions (small amounts if you must, or if you like it!)
  • Over train. Your body needs rest and more isn’t always better!
  • Change your workout routine and/or diet every week
  • Focus on isolation exercises such as biceps curls and triceps extensions.
  • Drink any calories!




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