This post is for all the women that desire a firm sculpted body and don’t deadlift.

I have one question for you:

Do you want a body like a typical aerobics instructor…. or do you want a body like this:

The woman performing this deadlift variation is Jen Grasso.

 I’m sure you noticed that she is not “big and bulky”!  She has a lean firm muscular body that many women would love to have.

If you aren’t one of these women, and only care about what the scale says,
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Still here? Great!

Now for the truth. To get the lean sexy body you desire, don’t be decieved by all the high repetition “cardio” workouts out there.

A program that generates results involves a solid nutrtion plan and lifting weights using big compound movements such as deadlifts and squats.

Every successful female strength coach I know encourages their clients to stop running on the treadmill and start lifting heavy!

The problem is that lifting heavy weights doesn’t generate sales on the latest infomercial. So many companies produce deceptive programs for the masses tailored for what the masses expect. It’s a vicious cycle!

 Ok, back to the benefits of the deadlift for women

The deadlift is great because it mimics a basic fundamental human movement… picking something off the floor! All the mothers out there do this on a regular basis with there young children. If you are not a mother then chances are that your muscles on the back side are even more imbalanced.

The good news is that the deadlift can fix that!

The primary movement of the deadlift is hip extension and it targets the following muscles:

1) Glutes (your behind)

2) Hamstrings (back of your legs)

3) Upper back

4) Lower back

5) Shoulders

6) Quadriceps (front of your legs)

7) Your abs!

Geesh, are there any muscle groups that aren’t used during the deadlift?? Not too many!

If there were only one exercise you should do, it would be the deadlift!

My colleague Nia Shanks is a certified personal trainer and fitness author. I learned about Nia from Tony Gentilecore, co-owner of Cressey Performance. She’s one of the good ones!

Here is Nia demonstrating an excellent deadlift variation called the sumo deadlift. This is a great deadlift variation for women!

Nia has written a comprehensive program called “Beautiful badass” that will outline everything you need to do to sculpt a lean, strong and sexy body.

-> Start Deadlifting and become a beautiful badass