How To Bulk Up Fast:
What is the Most Effective Way?

Bulking up is a term used to describe the process of eating an excess of calories while weight lifting in an attempt to build as much muscle as possible. So what is the best way to bulk up fast?

Well… if you’re one of my loyal regular readers then you know by now that I don’t answer the questions I pose right away!

It depends on your body type!

Ok, I’m going to suggest a brutally honest “exercise” for you to do right now (that is if you’re home!). Go stand in front of your bathroom mirror. Don’t worry, this isn’t some sort of sick perverted exercise.

Now what do you see?

 People are generally categorized into one of 3 body types:

  1. Endomorph  (very skinny “hard gainer”)
  2. Mesomorph (broad shoulders; able to gain muscle and lose weight)
  3. Endomorph (Pear shape; thick around the waist and difficulty losing fat)

Pick a number!

…but not only your body type!
What is your current condition?

Assuming we are being honest with each other you will fall into one of the 5 categories below:

  1. Bean Pole
  2. Lean Muscular Dude
  3. Average Joe
  4. Crappy Diet Football Guy
  5. Fat Boy

Let me explain my “patented” classification system
to determine your “bulk up fast” strategy

By no means are these meant as insults! What’s the point if we can’t have a little fun here!

Bean Pole:
You are a human pencil and gym rats often confuse you for a barbell! You are a classic endomorph and you will benefit from the “fast bulk up” plan.

There is also the possibility that you are a bean pole with a pot belly. No Bulk Up for you!

Honestly, I have never heard of a pot bellied ectomorph that wanted to bulk up but crazier things have happened. Email me ( ) and we’ll figure something out.

Lean Muscular Dude:
Your body fat is less than 10% and you can see at least your upper 4 abs. You have broad shoulders and that “athletic” look. You need to be careful with the “fast bulk up” plan as you will bulk up your muscle AND fat cells. Bulking up to gain muscle will work for you but I believe there are better ways like a modest “zig zag” approach or more advanced approaches like macro nutrient rotation. Don’t allow yourself to get too fat!

Average Joe:
You’re not too fat but you’re also not very muscular. Maybe you’re good looking or funny? No? Ok, let’s focus on building some muscle and getting lean!

I’m willing to bet you are a mesomorph in which case, a “clean and modest” bulk up plan can be somewhat effective if your goal is simply to get stronger. If you also want to look awesome as well, a body re-composition meal plan will be more effective than simply trying to eat a ton of food while throwing around the iron in an attempt to slap on slabs of muscle. Since you probably can’t see your abs, you run the risk of adding just as much fat as muscle.

Crappy Diet Football Guy:
You played football in high school and developed a very good muscular foundation. You also ate like crap… then you went to college and drank beer and ate more crap. Hopefully you hit the gym now and then but you simply don’t burn the calories you used to so your a strong fat guy!

No bulk up for you! Don’t even think about trying to gain muscle if your goal is to look awesome. You are most likely a mesomorph. Get yourself on a solid nutrition plan that allows you to lose fat slowly while focusing on getting your strength levels back.

Fat Boy:
Again, I’m not trying to be degrading or mean here! If your body fat is over 20% then you are fat. Accept it so we can move on and focus on reducing it. You might already have some great muscle hiding under there. Get started on an extreme fat loss plan to get your body fat cut in half.

This One’s For You, Bean Pole:
The simplest way to bulk up fast

I am making a big assumption that you are following a solid workout plan (heavy compound movements and no triceps kickbacks).

Your answer is the G.O.M.A.D. diet

Say what?? It’s an acronym that stands for:

“Gallon Of Milk A Day”

This is probably the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard. Drink 1 gallon of whole milk per day. Tell me you can’t gain weight with that!

Milk is a very inexpensive and AWESOME source of protein and healthy fats. I would stick with organic milk purchased from local farmers. I know you want to bulk up fast but try not to gain more than 1-2 pounds per week. The faster you gain weight, the more it will be fat weight and not muscular weight.