New England Muscle Thor Workout (A-day)

Goal: Build strength and lean muscle, torch fat!

I have posted the first part of the workout that you can download in PDF format from link below.

This is a fairly advanced workout that has a strength building component that will allow you to build lean muscle while burning fat at the same time. For this to happen, you need a very good nutrition and supplement plan!

The first part of the workout is a classic “size and strength” module. You will use a weight that is in the 4 – 8 rep range for 2 compound upper body movements. You will alternate between them until you have completed 25 reps. Simple right?!

The second part is a metabolic circuit. The goal is to perform all 10 exercises in a row for 30 seconds each with only 30 seconds of rest in between each exercise.

This routine never gets easy and has me on the floor when it’s over…..

Good luck, should you choose to accept this mission!!

Download the Thor Workout PDF version here

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