7 quick tips to Increase Max Bench Press

I learned these 7 tips from Bench pressing authority:
Mike Westerland

1) Tuck your elbows

This has several benefits. First, doing thist takes preassure off your shoulders and transfers it to your triceps. This will ensure shoulder health! Second, it brings the bar closer to your lower chest which allows the bar to travel in a straight line instead of a “J”.

2) Decrease the range of motion

Widen your grip, retract your shoulder blades and arch your back. Arching your back is called a bridge. This is different than raising your hips off the bench. That’s called idiotic and dangerous!

3) Hold your air

Before you unrack the weight, fill your stomach with air. You may be used to taking a deep breath on the negative (and it’s ok for general weight training) but for big lifts like the bench and squat you need to hold your air to form a solid foundation!

4) Rep Ranges

If you have been living in the 6 to 12 rep range, it’s time for a change! Start with the classic 5 X 5 program and progress down to triples.

5) Training Partners

You need a good reliable spotter and someone to hold you accountable! There is a large mental component to a big bench so choose your partner wisely.

6) Squeeze the bar

By squeezing the bar, you recruit more motor units (aka muscle). You’ll notice that every big bencher also has big forearms. Oh, and keep that thumb around the bar! There is nothing cool about having the bar roll out of your hands and staple you into the floor!

7) Don’t neglect other muscle groups

I once heard a famous strength coach say “You can’t fire a canon from a canoe”.  Train your legs and your back! Nuff said!