Many “experts” say that six pack abs are made in the kitchen

What is meant is that getting the lean body you want depends mostly on nutrition.
I partially agree with this but it’s not entirely true.

If you had a super duper fat loss meal planĀ (aka eating real food) customized just for you,
you would certainly lose fat but would you have the lean beach body that we all desire?
Hint: NO!!

Let’s assume that you download some fat loss workout routine and you are ready to go.

Now think of this kick butt workout routine as your race car.
Your race car has an ultra fast tricked out engine and it’s set up to win!


Now picture dumping some cheap water logged “lawn mower” gas into that baby.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that the engine will run like crap if it even starts!

In fact, you might as well be racing this beauty:


Now think of the race fuel below as top quality nutrition specially blended just for your race car.