Make your own suspension trainer for $10 and spend the money you save on larger shirts. You’re gonna need them for your growing arms and shoulders!

“What is a suspension trainer” you may ask? It’s basically 2 straps with some handles on the ends. This simple contraption allows you to perform all sorts of challenging workouts.

They had these at Cressey Performance but I will show you how to make your own with simple supplies you can pick up at Home Depot or Lowes.


Here’s a picture of me performing a dip. The suspension straps make any exercise much more challenging!


You will need to learn how to make a bow line knot to tie the lashing strap to your PVC pipe handle.

Once you have completed your suspension trainer, there are countless suspension trainer exercises you can try out!

 Upper body:

  1. Chest Press : If you are just starting out, perform this as an incline. Advanced fitness individuals can drop the straps close to the ground to perform a very challenging and unstable pushup!
  2. Inverted Row: For the ultimate challenge, place your feet on a large exercise ball. This will give your core a tremendous workout!
  3. Biceps Curls: While in the inverted row position at a slight angle, pull your body forward using only the curling motion of your arms.
  4. Dips: These are perhaps the most challenging upper body exercise using suspension straps. If you have weak shoulders then I would advise against this particular exercise.