It’s time for another 16 weeks of Show and Go!

Well, it makes about 13 months now since I originally started Show and Go, an all inclusive strength and conditioning program developed by Eric Cressey.

Everyone who knows me also knows about all my lower back pain issues in the past. My doctor had recommended surgery and I went to Cressey performance instead. You can read my prior review here.

With lower back pain a thing of the past, I was ready to start his new program. For my first time through, I opted for the 4 days per week training option.

I wanted to jump in “all guns blazing”!

The program was a real adventure with accomplishments that blew me away!

Like any typical guy, I proceeded to push myself even harder with no “deloading” weeks or rest after completing the program. I managed to stress my left knee which prevented me from performing most lower body exercises.

After 6 loooong months of restricting myself to tire pulls and sumo dead lifts, my knee is healthy again. Finally!!

Bring on the Show and Go “3 times per week” plan.


I purchased Show and Go last year and it was worth every penny. I just found out that Eric is re-releasing the program at 50% off!

If you are interested in kicking ass
with an amazing strength training program,
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I need to thank my friend Mark Hall  for helping me out with my knee (if you every need a physical therapist in southern New Hampshire, Mark knows his stuff!).