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The Truth About Six Pack Abs
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In case you haven’t heard of it, The Truth about Six Pack Abs is the best selling fitness Ebook in the world.

The book focuses on how to get six pack abs (go figure!!). The program is written by Mike Geary, contributing author to the popular Muscle & Fitness Magazine and Oxygen Magazine. Mike’s Ebook has over 275,000 readers in 163 different countries!

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Mike has written hundreds or Articles and he is a platinum status author on one of the most popular online Ezine directories. He also wrote a training and nutrition secrets ebook that is a good warmup to The truth about six pack abs – a free download from New England Muscle.

This free download will help you begin your journey to six pack abs. It consists of two main sections. The first section is dedicated to training strategies. He goes into detail explaining good vs. bad cardio, body part isolation training, how to manipulate sets and reps and more.

The second section focuses on nutrition strategies. Mike explains why you need fats, the top fitness foods and even post-workout nutrition strategies.


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What is the best creatine supplement? 

Creatine is perhaps the most time tested and effective body building supplement available. There are various forms of creatine available on the market; many of which hide behind marketing hype such as “Advanced delivery system” or “Liquid form for fast absorption”. The most common form is creatine monohydrate.

I will let you in on a little secret…

One of the largest supplement companies out there sells a creatine product with an advanced delivery system. This company has sponsored many physique transformation challenges in the past 2 decades. The primary ingredient of their famous creatine product is dextrose. Do you know what dextrose is? It’s a simple SUGAR! If you go to your local beer and wine making store, you can buy a 5-10 pound bag of dextrose for less than $10! Talk about making a killing! Their product is clearly NOT the best creatine supplement for your money.

After reading this post, I hope you no longer fall for these claims.

But is Creatine Safe?

Well, yes and no. Allow me to elaborate on this. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, Creatine monohydrate is the most common form AND the form used in all the research studies. Pure Creatine monohydrate is safe. Do not be tempted by other forms of creatine and the mega money marteting campaigns surrounding them.

Perhaps the most shameful and poorly reserached media around Creatine was the sudden death of three wrestlers. The media latched on to false claims that creatine was responsible for their deaths and it spread like wild fire! The FDA launched investigations and proved that creatine was not involved, rather hyperthermia, heart failure and heat exaustion/dehydration. This was due to the extreme heat training they were performing while wearing rubber suits!

 Enough already!
What is the best creatine supplement?

German manufactured Creapure brand Creatine is one of (if not THE) best Creatine Monohydrate brands on the market. There are several popular Creatine products on the market that use the Creapure brand. Look for it on the label. You get what you pay for and if you buy cheap, you may be buying an inferior Chinese brand. Read the statement below.

In a statement issued from the makers of Creapure…

“In the recent weeks, there have been numerous reports of contamination issues involving Chinese suppliers. We therefore, would like to take this opportunity to offer reassurance that Creapure Creatine Monohydrate is manufactured at our plant in Germany to meet the highest standards of quality, safety and effectiveness. Inferior production practices and raw materials can lead to possible harmful impurities such as creatinine, dicyandiamide, and dihydrotriazine.”

 Finally, if you are on a budget, then eat your red meat! Creatine naturally occurs in red meat. Bet you didn’t know that!

On a related note, individuals that consume higher amounts of red meat will see less benefits from creatine supplementation than those who consume a diet lower in red meat.

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Fish oil for weight loss?
Discover this truth and many more!

Let me guess, you tried it once but couldn’t stand the fish burps… I’ve been talking about fish oil for over 12 years and it’s kinda ironic to finally see fish oil actually being advertised on TV by big Pharma!

Click here to read my post on Fish Oil dosage recommendations

If your goals include weight loss, building lean muscle and improving overall health,
fish oil has many potential benefits

DHA and EPA are the primary beneficial elements in fish oil.

1.  For starters, they help keep your cell membranes healthy. This means that the membranes are flexible and contain a larger number of insulin receptors. This increases your insulin sensitivity and results in decreased fat storage in the fat cells. In other words, you will tolerate carbs better!


2. Fish oil weight loss – fish oil turns on  the fat burning (lipolytic) genes! (note: this doesn’t mean you can chase your twinkie binge with a couple fish oil tablets.)


3. Fish oil can turn off fat storage genes (lipogenic).

4. They reduce C-reactive proteins. This protein is a risk factor contributing to various inflammatory diseases, including heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke,  congestive heart failure, angina, coronary , heart attack , and diabetes. DHA is one of the elements of the fish oil that seems to be the most responsible for that protective effect.

5. The DHA component of fish oil also has the best ability to reduce blood pressure.

6. Fish oil has demonstrated strong anti-inflamatory effects which helps with pain management.

7. Once the omega-3 fats of fish oil are incorporated into your fat cells, your body will prefer to burn fat for energy… Yet another fish oil weight loss benefit!

8. Related to #6, fish oil can reduce inflammation from physical stress and training.

9. Fish oils are superb for fighting stress but I’m sure you have none of that. For equal amounts of stress, a person will produce fewer stress hormones if consuming fish oils on a regular basis.

10. Fish oils increase serotonin levels (the happy neurotransmitter). In other words, fish oils may reduce depression, anxiety, panic attack, and reduce carbohydrate cravings.


11. Fish oils will improve your cardiovascular risk profile. I have experienced this personally. They can lower VLDL, triglycerides, fibrinogen, homocysteine, and increase HDL levels. Combining fish oils with plant sterols will improve blood lipid levels in a synergistic fashion (2+2=8).

12. But wait, there’s more, and it’s called Lipoprotein (a). This protein is a CVD predictor and guess what? It can be lowered by consuming fish oils. Fish oils can also decrease blood pressure many ways:

  • increases in the vasodilatory compound
  • nitric oxide,
  •  reducing vascular inflammation,
  • blocking the constrictive elements in the vascular wall
  • reducing blood viscosity
  • inhibiting a blood vessel constrictor.

13. EPA regulates the blood supply to your brain which is essential in maintaining focus during your workouts and when your husband or wife is talking to you after a long day! DHA is important in brain membranes, memory, and cognitive function.

Assuming that a nutrient dense nutrition plan is followed, using fish oil for weight loss is just one of many benefits I hope you have learned.

The capitalize on the benefits, enough fish oil must be consumed and it must be very high quality.

The primary brand I use and trust is Carlson’s liquid fish oil. Don’t use the capsules. They are more likely to cause the dreaded fish burp and you will need to consume many capsules (10-30 per day!). In liquid form, it’s as simple as taking 1 to 3 teaspoons once or twice daily depending on body weight and goals.

In short, fish oil is my number one supplement recommendation! I’m sure you are surprised to see so many benefits of fish oil…. but I’m sure your doctor already told you about them (blatant sarcasm).

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dosage recommendations

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Great news! I have added a new site folder called:
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There you will find new workouts
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 It’s time for another 16 weeks of Show and Go!

Well, it makes about 13 months now since I originally started Show and Go, an all inclusive strength and conditioning program developed by Eric Cressey.

Everyone who knows me also knows about all my lower back pain issues in the past. My doctor had recommended surgery and I went to Cressey performance instead. You can read my prior review here.

With lower back pain a thing of the past, I was ready to start his new program. For my first time through, I opted for the 4 days per week training option.

I wanted to jump in “all guns blazing”!

The program was a real adventure with accomplishments that blew me away!

Like any typical guy, I proceeded to push myself even harder with no “deloading” weeks or rest after completing the program. I managed to stress my left knee which prevented me from performing most lower body exercises.

After 6 loooong months of restricting myself to tire pulls and sumo dead lifts, my knee is healthy again. Finally!!

Bring on the Show and Go “3 times per week” plan.


I purchased Show and Go last year and it was worth every penny. I just found out that Eric is re-releasing the program at 50% off!

If you are interested in kicking ass
with an amazing strength training program,
you can discover how at:


I need to thank my friend Mark Hall  for helping me out with my knee (if you every need a physical therapist in southern New Hampshire, Mark knows his stuff!).


Fat Loss Spoof

This is a sarcastic fat loss spoof!
Rated PG-13 for language


This video was generated using the rendering software at

Delicious protein pancake recipe

Many of my close friends and family have enjoyed my protein pancakes over the years. In fact I’ve been making these protein pancakes for over 10 years!


After many requests, I am finally writing my protein pancake recipe!

Ok, so let’s get down to business. Here is a list of the ingredients you will need:

  • 2 1/2 cups Old fashioned oats
  •  2 1/2 scoops Vanilla flavored low carb meal replacement powder (50g protein). It needs to be a low carb milk/casein based protein. My favorite is Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein. I have not found a better protein for this! You could also try Muscle Milk or Biotest at your own risk.
  • 1 medium or large ripe banana cut up into small chunks
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon (adjust to your liking)
  • 1 tsp ground nutmeg (adjust to your liking)
  • 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese
  • 4 whole Eggland’s best eggs (the yolks have the good stuff!)
  • 2-3 egg whites (use the cheap eggs for these)
  • Almond Milk (use just enough to give the batter a medium consistency)
  • Coconut oil for cooking on a large pan or skillet



Now that you have assembled your ingredients, arrange them like so on your counter top and take a picture. There is no point to this step but it will generate some odd looks if you are cooking in company!


Protein Pancakes: Step 1

Combine every ingredient except for the almond milk and coconut oil into a large mixing bowl. Stir well until it is a consistent batter. This activity will give your forearms a great workout!

Protein Pancakes: Step 2

Now that you have the batter mixed up, add almond milk a little at a time until it’s a softer consistency (not to much liquid!).

Protein Pancakes: Step 3

Put a small amount of coconut oil into the cooking pan and turn the heat up to medium high. Arrange the pancakes on the pan in roughly 3″ diameter circles.

Protein Pancakes: Step 4

Cook the protein pancakes until little heat bubbles form on the top side. This is your sign to flip them. Let them cook on the other side for a few more minutes. I usually give the pancake some light taps with 2 fingers to determine if they are cooked. They should feel a little bouncy…. you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Protein Pancakes: Step 5

Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

You can top the pancake with some light whipped cream and fresh fruit or my personal favorite of natural peanut butter and light whipped cream.



Make your own suspension trainer for $10 and spend the money you save on larger shirts. You’re gonna need them for your growing arms and shoulders!

“What is a suspension trainer” you may ask? It’s basically 2 straps with some handles on the ends. This simple contraption allows you to perform all sorts of challenging workouts.

They had these at Cressey Performance but I will show you how to make your own with simple supplies you can pick up at Home Depot or Lowes.


Here’s a picture of me performing a dip. The suspension straps make any exercise much more challenging!


You will need to learn how to make a bow line knot to tie the lashing strap to your PVC pipe handle.

Once you have completed your suspension trainer, there are countless suspension trainer exercises you can try out!

 Upper body:

  1. Chest Press : If you are just starting out, perform this as an incline. Advanced fitness individuals can drop the straps close to the ground to perform a very challenging and unstable pushup!
  2. Inverted Row: For the ultimate challenge, place your feet on a large exercise ball. This will give your core a tremendous workout!
  3. Biceps Curls: While in the inverted row position at a slight angle, pull your body forward using only the curling motion of your arms.
  4. Dips: These are perhaps the most challenging upper body exercise using suspension straps. If you have weak shoulders then I would advise against this particular exercise.


 A long time ago I used to chase each
“flavor of the month” workout
from the various $5 magazines out there…
and I eventually learned that
you get what you pay for.

I started searching for the industry gurus. Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to meet many professional strength coaches including Charles Poliquin, Ian King and Charles Staley. The all have unique and valuable perspectives that I  learned from and utilized in my training. In fact, here is a picture of me after using strength training principles from these coaches and following a very specific meal plan.

Well, after many years of intense lifting, very little stretching and lots of sitting at a desk job, the weak links of my body really started to impact my lifting. Lower back pain was the most recent and most painful! If you’ve ever experienced lower back issues you know what I’m talking about here.

At one point I couldn’t even hold my 1 year old son in my arm. That was the straw that broke the camel’s my back and it was time to take action!

I thought my lifestyle of strength training and fitness was in my rear view mirror. I wondered how I would be able to play with my 3 children without suffering in pain..

That’s when I discovered the work of Strength coach Eric Cressey

If you don’t know Eric Cressey, he is a highly sought-after strength coach for healthy and injured athletes alike. Eric has authored over 200 articles that  have been featured in local and national publications such as  Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, ESPN, T-Muscle, Parents and Kids, and EliteFTS. As the co-owner of Cressey Performance, Eric works with everyone from young athletes to professional and Olympic ranks.

I was excited to learned that Cressey Performance was only 1 1/2 hours from where I work. One phone call and $300 later, I was a Cressey Performance client!

Eric designed a 4 week training program for me to address several muscle imbalances and issues. I performed 2 workouts per week at my home facility and 1 per week at Cressey Performance.

The program was unlike anything I had ever done!
When was the last time you started a workout with foam rolling and mobility work??


Below is a video of yours truly performing chain push-ups at Eric’s facility.

After 4 weeks, I was shocked at the dramatic improvements I experienced. I wished I could continue to train at Cressey performance but the cost and travel time were both prohibitive based on my situation (Note: The cost to have a custom program from Eric Cressey AND train at Cressey Performance is an excellent value).

I learned about Eric Cressey’s comprehensive new program called “Show and Go”

Discover how Show and Go can benefit you by clicking here!

Well, after experiencing first hand the quality and results of Eric’s programs, I decided that purchasing the Show and Go program was a no-brainer.

Here’s what I received in my electronic download:

The Show and Go System Training Manual

The manual is very well written and easy to digest. The best part of the manual (besides the programs) is the problem solving question and answers.

The Show and Go Video Database

I can’t even explain how valuable it was to have the video database. There are so many useful exercises in the program and having the video library was like having Eric Cressey as a 24/7 personal coach!

Show and Go Training Templates

These templates are the some format as the ones used at Cressey Performance by professional athletes. Cressey has written 4 day, 3 day and even 2 day per week training options to fit with your lifestyle and obligations.

5 Supplemental Metabolic Conditioning Programs

These programs will be sure to increase your work capacity and burn some fat if that’s your goal.

Show and Go Exercise Modifications

Not every gym has the same equipment. It’s amazing how many programs fail to recognize this! Don’t have access tp a cable column? No problem!

…and the following bonus materials (very useful!)


  • Five Fantastic Finishers
  • Innovative Soft Tissue Strategies for Health and Performance
  • The Top Five Glute Exercises
  • Quick Video Reference Guide


The first thing I noticed was that the manual was well laid out and very easy to read. There are extremely useful question and answer sections as well as exercise substitution lists.

I found the on-line video library to worth the cost alone! I now had access to videos of Eric Cressey performing every exercise, stretch and mobility drill in the entire program!

The workout templates included in the program are the same ones used at Cressey performance and used by top athletes throughout the nation.

Not only did I increase my strength in the “big lifts”, I felt like I could actually move better! The mobility drills, stretching and foam rolling routines reduced upper back tension that I have experienced for more years than I care to admit!

Here’s the bottom line. If you want to look, feel
AND perform better then you can’t go wrong with
the Show and Go program

Learn more at Eric’s site:


We’ve all heard the saying…
“You are what you eat”

Well, let’s see how that applies when we compare the nutrients of a typical grocery store egg with an Eggland’s Best egg.

Vitamin and Mineral Content of 2 egg brands

Eggland’s Best Egg

  • 115mg Omega 3
  • Vitamin D: 20%
  • Vitamin E: 25%
  • Riboflavin: 15%
  • Folate: 10%
  • Vitamin B-12: 20%
  • Vitamin B-5: 10%
  • Phosphorus: 8%
  • Iodine: 40%
  • Zinc: 4%

Typical Grocery Store Egg

  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

Hmmm, so how can people make generalized statements that eggs are bad for you?? The nutrients present in an egg yolk depend on what the chicken cosumes in it’s diet. Just saying…

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