Discover Tips on How To Get Toned Abs

Your success starts with what you put in your mouth…before I get into my rules I need to immediately debunk the myth that a calorie is a calorie. The human body is more complex than that and you must appreciate the differences.

100 calories of lucky charms is NOT the same as
100 calories of broccoli!!

The food that you eat is the foundation of every successful set of toned six pack abs (or even 8 pack abs!).
Contrary to what many believe, it’s even possible to add some lean muscle while getting leaner…..
but again, nutrition is 60% of the battle.

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Food is a drug.
Lucky charms cereal and Broccoli give two completely
different metabolic and hormonal responses!

Now that I have (hopefully) stressed the importance of your diet, it’s time to talk about fat burning! .

Using cardio exercise as your primary strategy with lack of proper nutrition to get toned and defined abs
will back fire and leave you skinny from muscle loss, flabby and weak!

You must combine an effective meal plan, a well balanced strength training routine and effective metabolic cardio activity. Enough lean protein and a well balanced strength training routine will allow you to maintain your precious calorie burning lean muscle.

How to get toned abs
10+1 Rules for Success!
  1. You must follow a balanced weight training program
  2. You must do the right kind of cardio
  3. Mental toughness is paramount!
  4. Eat 5 or more meals per day
  5. Have protein with every meal
  6. Manage insulin levels with carb intake.  Keep them below 100g per day (less than 50g on non training days).
  7. Fat – Consume essential fats first
  8. Eat vegetables with more than half of your meals!
  9. Fruit is “healthy” but you don’t need to eat it every day (stay away from bananas, grapes and raisins).
  10. Don’t drink calories, drink lots of water!
  11. Eat higher calorie foods early in the day.



Implementing those 11 rules for 8 weeks allowed me to get some awesome toned abs.
(should have been smiling but it was a long day!):


I have several meal plans and weight training routines on this site to get you started.

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