Jay Cutler Workout Routine Overview

Jay Cutler has meticulously refined his workout regimen since 2003. Although it’s now common knowledge amongst top bodybuilders, Jay learned through observation, trial and error to incorporate deep tissue massages and mobility work (such as pilates). These factors help stretch Jay Cutler’s workout routine over 5 days per week. This is part of the reason Jay is regarded as one of the best body builders.

This workout routine is highlighted for entertainment purposes only. Unless you are a professional body builder yourself (in which case, why the hell are you reading my blog for advice!) you will NOT make progress on such a program.

Jay Cutler splits his workouts into 5 days with Wednesday and Sunday being recovery days. His workouts have been known to take up to 4 exhausting hours! I need to stress that the purpose of a weight training session is to stimulate muscle growth, not annihilate it… For the average person, more is not better!

Jay Cutler Workout Routine Split

Monday sessions – Abs, Delts, Traps and Triceps

Tuesday sessions – Back

Wednesday – Recovery

Thursday sessions – Abs, Forearms Chest and Biceps

Friday sessions – Quads

Saturday sessions – Abs Hamstrings and Calves

Sunday – Recovery


Jay focuses on 3 or 4 sets of 10 – 15 reps per isolation exercise. Can you say boring?! For us mere mortals, this type of training would not produce optimal results. The biggest mistake individuals make is not developing a foundation of strength first. Performing many more sets of lower reps will allow you to increase your strength levels. This is paramount to adding muscle mass!

Try performing 10 sets of 3 for the full body compound exercises such as deadlifts, squats and bench press for a couple of months. You may be shocked by what happens!

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